Zombie Apocalypse

I wanted to take a minute today to talk about zombies. And, no, it’s not drug-related. I’m referring to cellphone zombies. I, for one, love my smart phone. I’m on it pretty much constantly. As a result, I get quite a bit of flack about staring at a bitty screen for hours on end. Let me clear something up for a minute here: I’m not looking at flashing lights and pretty pictures. A smart phone is a powerful tool. Sure, you can use this awesomely powerful device as a fruit ninja hand-held, but it has so much more potential than that.

A smart phone is basically a hand-held computer; the internet can be accessed from anywhere that you can scrape together a signal.  I know it sounds pretty normal by our standards, but maybe that’s because we’re not considering the vast power of the internet in general. From a seat on the bus, within a five minute time-span, I can check on news and events from around the world, what three hundred of my closest friends and family are up to and access a truly epic repository of information on almost any topic imaginable. It’s absolutely nuts! Oh, and while you’re getting informed, there’s a myriad of uses for the literally thousands of applications that are being produced through both Apple and the Open-source android/Microsoft systems. It’s an incredible device.

I mean, I suppose I could be staring at the person on the bus in front of me. Yeah, that could be fun. Or, I could be sitting there awkwardly reading a book for five minutes. Sometimes, I do enjoy a good stare and there’s much to be learned in books and thought, but there are better ways to spend your time. At least, other ways; my phone provides me with so much to think about in the span of time that the bus requires.

To which, of course, the obvious reply is, “But, what about those newbs that are on their phone instead of talking to people?!” Yeah, that can be a real problem.They’re probably on there in the first place because they’re either poor at communicating with people or more into the conversation on their phone than they are into the one they’re having at the given hypothetical moment. First case scenario, they’re not going to get any better at interacting with people without practice. That’s a mark against phones. But, at the same time, you’ve got to remember how many other people there are in the world to interact with than just the ones that are in front of you. Sometimes, it can be very difficult to keep one’s mind in the here and now. Human social structures and minds weren’t structured to handle the circumstances we find ourselves in. The world as we know it is about to end. Don’t worry, though. We’re an adaptable species. We’ll grow into our new surroundings and survive or be devoured by it. I’m thinking the former; our survival instincts are strong. However, if the world does come to an end, at least I’ll have something to play Angry Birds on while I wait for it to all come crashing down.

There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to phones! I’m just getting used to my new computer and mechanical keyboard, so I’ll post again soon. Until next time!


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