Stillwater EXTRA

The survivors of the Stillwater High 10-year reunion spend a few nights in the bomb-shelter of the school recuperating from their injuries. During that time, the mechanic slips further and further into madness. Finally, she attempts to cleanse her body and mind with a healing fire, forcing the group to leave the safety of the shelter while their companion is cooked within. 

Making their way to Jim’s Ammo, they slip inside and grab a huge load of 9mm rounds. They quickly retreat, leaving a sickening smacking sound behind the counter. Deciding to head back to another of the locations marked on the cultist’s map as “Underneath.” On the way to the hospital, their car is attacked by a giant, amorphous blob shaped like a featureless bird. In order to avoid disaster, they run into a nearby house. Inside, they find a couple bottles of liquor, a giant, grey box the size of a refrigerator with a crank on the side, and a red doll in a clown’s outfit with a tiny hammer in one hand and a benign grin on its face. 

Leaving quickly, they discuss ways in which they might burn down the hospital. Translating the map, they discover that the altar is probably below ground where fire might not touch it. That decided, they get into the undamaged car at the house and drive towards the hospital. On the way, they’re attacked by a thousand-armed titan in the shape of a centipede woven from metal and rotting pieces of humanity. Rising out of the pavement and diving towards them, it leads them on a chase through the streets until they manage to outrun it, having only lost the bumper and being nearly crushed to death. They make their way to the hospital slowly, stopping to avoid any unwanted attention whenever necessary. 

Arriving at the hospital, they realize that the anti-fire systems are still operating any ways as the bottom floor of the building has clearly been torched by a rather large fire, in addition to having been hollowed out by tunnels and some supreme sort of violence. Using the remnants of a rudimentary map on the way, they make their way to the administration area. On their way, they check out a massive hole in the ground, leading into an unfathomably large cave, and a few of the standing examination rooms, gleaning powerful drugs and disinfectants for future use, as well as a pocket flash light. Chucking the flash light into the hole gives them a sense of its ridiculous depth. A slowly, steady tread makes its way up to the door of the room they’re waiting inside. Crouching silently inside, they wait for a long, long time. Nothing comes of it. 

At administration, they look for references to underground maintenance shafts, the location of the morgue, or a basement level, but come up with nothing. Oddly enough, all of the things normally underground have been relegated to the first floor, as well as to a maintenance annex. Going to the annex, they look for and find a diagram of the heating systems in the building, correctly guessing that there must be a boiler room and air-conditioning system somewhere. Figuring out where the heating ducts all intersect leads them to the ICU, where they’d been previously directed by a journal entry found in one of the examination rooms. 

One of the operating theatres near the ICU was clearly the scene of a terrible battle. The walls are horribly scorched, except for a single metal panel. Prying it with a crowbar leads them to a hidden passage, further charred and full of death. Leading down into the depths of the hospital, they find another altar, as well as a bunch of new robes, more flares and, due to dumb rolling luck, a flame-thrower. Destroying the altar…

“Visions fill your mind of vast, unheard of regions of existence. Incomprehensible folds in infinity reveal pockets where the walls and currents thin. You feel anger and utter helplessness, terror, as you’re sucked through the aether to… this room, but it’s so small, so utterly flat and glowing dangerously…”

Collecting their things, they head to the next marker, the City Civil Center. There, the world seems to stand still. Walking onto the grounds is like entering a thick, liquid reality of utter quiet. From the inside looking out, nothing has changed; the world is free from the events of the last 72 hours. Rifling through desks and pulling apart walls reveals the extent of the cultist infiltration. 4 out of 13 members, at least, of the city council are cultists, including the mayor. Also, everything the do seems to be undone, without their knowledge, soon after they do it. Doors close themselves again, papers and chairs straighten themselves. The world is inert. Leaving, they’re assaulted by a hideous car, a gruesome combination of man and machine. The windows are covered in flesh, the tires controlled by brutal drive-trains made of tendon and bone. The engine compartment is controlled, opened and closed like a horrible ichorous maw, by a rusty chain. Opening an old bag of tricks, they attack it with molotovs and firearms to no effect. Running back into the building taunts the car to follow, where it is rendered utterly lifeless on the steps of the building. 

Leaving in their un-infested car, they make their way to the final marker, the fair grounds. There, they find a giant dome of polished cement covering the entire grounds, with a hole burst through its ceiling. Clearly, this is where the roads have been going. Before they exit their car, they hear something exit the trunk of their car and wet foot-steps heading towards the dome. On the fair-ground announcements board they see painted, in red:

3 clowns waiting by the gate

To let you in and seal your fate

One has no shoes, But none have skin

So paint a Smile And COME ON IN.

Nearby, there are three cultists posed in various clowny postures. Carving a smile into their crushed, mutilated faces reveals a crack in the dome. Heading inside, the darkness is interrupted by the lights of the carnival flicking on. The map said “Central” so they make their way onto the grounds. The sound of rain quickly resolves into a hoard of baskets… with legs, lots of legs. A booth-top battle ensues which renders two of the investigators unable to use an arm each. After the battle, they find the red doll again, sitting next to the chest. This time, they crank open the chest revealing… nothing. But, the doll goes missing. 

The next little while is a shit-show of freaks and ghostly apparitions. A mirror that attempts to control the soul, a pair of living shoes in a maze of glass and Jack and Jill of nursery rhyme fame. Broken, psychologically disturbed, and having dealt with a nasty Jack in the Box, they turn to the haunted house. Walking into the faux mansion releases a tide of balloons and a horrible clown in the balloons that pop in tides of blood. Managing to burn each other in their confusion a couple of times, they finally fight off the thing and enter the mansion.

Inside, they’re treated to the best in cheesy, faux-haunted entertainment, with a few realistic upgrades from the creatures. Finally, they destroy the final altar, as one of their number is crushed by a titanic table leg wielded by a huge monster. They manage to escape from the now-flaming haunted house. In the silence that follows, they hear a pair of wet foot-steps fading into the night. Driving out of town in an all-terrain vehicle, they get a taste of the scale of the destruction as the next few towns are equally devastated. However, the fifth town is fine, but under strict military quarantine. 

The game ends with a single candle burning in the darkness.


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