Finals season!

Hey guys, sorry, it’s finals season, and I’m moving, and putting together a research proposal, and, well, let’s just say that I’m swamped, so there’s not going to be much of an up-date today. Although, I’ve got some interesting stuff ready to write about for next week, and then stories of the Comic Expo for the week after that. This weeek… hmm…

I’ve decided to start delving into freemium games, because they seem like interesting beasts. One of my favourite aspects of games is how they tell stories. I’m really interested to see if there are any games that weave their freemium services directly into the narrative and atmosphere of their game realm. There are some pretty horrendous examples of the inclusion of micro-transactions and DLC in games, (See: Dead Space 3 and Dragon Age for particularly hilarious examples) but game design platforms that create whole worlds with the concept in mind are particularly interesting.

This summer seems to be the summer of the tabletop for me. I’ll be designing and writing several different types over the four short months between now and full-time school-work. It’s interesting to design and write with an entire range of possibilities in mind, but, also, incredibly over-whelming to balance. I’m going to be doing lots of research, obviously, but I’d be interested in hearing about techniques or success stories for successful story-telling.

It seems like I’m full of excuses this week, but I promise that it’ll be worth the wait :3




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