Things Are Gonna Be A Little Different Around Here… Again

As you might know, I released a flood of new videos today. Dark Souls, Stealth Bastard, Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened, Adventure Time: Finn and Jake’s Epic Quest, Alan Wake, Doom 3: BFG, Dead Space Theatre, aaaand Silent Hill: Homecoming. You can get convenient access to those and many other Letsplays through this page or you can subscribe to my YouTube channel. Why yes, I have been busy! Why the sudden burst? Well, we just got a bunch of shiny new toys to play with. We’re looking at better sound quality, better video quality and, well, same old us. On top of that, some of these new toys will let me record real life! So, obviously, I’m going to use it to create fabrications! Stuff might start to get weird.

I introduced the Gift Box, which is basically my way of giving away any excess games I might acquire. These things need to be played and appreciated! There’s no use in me having two copies of one game, so, please, visit this page and see if you find anything you like.

The donations page was re-purposed. If you like what we’re doing here, you can donate to help us buy props and equipment for the weird stuff and food and coffee for the writers. If this initiative proves successful, we might even clothe them.

I’d also like to start doing shorter, more frequent posts about less considered topics. I’ll still do the occasional longer piece, but I’d like to keep in closer touch with you guys, because things are going to start moving quickly once they get rolling and I’d like to share part of the process with you. As always, you can bypass posts like these, and find the serious game-related posts, by using the Game Guts category along the side of the front page.

…any other news? The Facebook page is doing stuff again. … Basically, I’m out of classes and at the helm again. I want to make a serious run at creating for a living, so there’ll be plenty more to see.


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