Zombaway Cleaning Spray Commercial

*Small girl runs in from the garden*

“Daddy! Daddy! There’s something wrong with Mr. Jefferies!”


“Gosh, well what do you mean, Dolly?”

“Come see! Come see!”


*they both move to the sliding glass doors, Mr. Jefferies is in the back yard, slowly shuffling towards them; he is a zombie*

“Gee whiz, Sarah, I think you’re right.”

*closes sliding glass door*

“Here, let’s get our Science-Bible and find out just what the heck is wrong with him!”


*walks over to shelf, grabs text-book clearly labelled “Biology”, picks book off shelf, walks over to front of sliding glass door, opens book thoughtfully and begins to read.*

“What do you think is wrong with him?”

“Well, Billy, let’s see what old Mr. Jefferies has. Unsteady gait. Check. An endless, gnawing hunger projected from the eyes, through the soul. Cheeeeck. An unstoppable determination to peel the flesh from our bodies and lap the blood from our aching wounds. Cheeeckerooni!”

*Mr. Jefferies finally collides with the glass, his body is covered in so much gore that the glass is instantly covered in a layer of blood*


“What should we do, Daddy?”

“I don’t know, Gretchen. I just don’t know.”


*a voice from outside the shot pipes up*
“Try Shingen Cleaning Initiative’s latest home-innovation! Zombaway Cleaning Spray!”


*family turns to camera*

“Tired of gory streaks left on otherwise sparkling glass? Has the zombie apocalypse stripped you of the loved ones that used to spend hours laboriously cleaning the caked on remains of your relatives from the front window? Try Zombaway Cleaning Spray!”


*The family lights up*

“Thanks, Zombaway!”

*turns back to book*

“Now, it says here, Thomas, that the only way to take a zombie out is by removing the head or destroying the brain. Okay!”

*cut to view of him leaving the house with a weapon to deal with the zombie, there are a few tense moments of yelling outside*


*an impact is seen against the glass as our small child hero waits inside; a hand wipes away a clean streak again the glass, the dad’s face is seen through the glass*


“Don’t worry, Carol, everything’s going to be fine. See? Squeaky clean!”

“Daddy! You remembered my name, Daddy!”

“Of course I did, Dolly. Now that this minor household annoyance has been dealt with, I feel like we can be a family, again.”

*zoom in on softened looks of happiness on both faces; cut to closing plug as father is dragged away, screaming, from the clean spot in the glass, cut to the wide, disturbed eyes of the now lone child in the house, pan to see that the front door is wide open*

“Zombaway! Because, some things are more important.”

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