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Marc Married to WTF: Attention Grabbing Title

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Hi! So, we’re trying one of those smaller posts that I said would be interspersed among the longer ones. For consistency’s sake, let’s also plug a video while we’re here. My YouTube channel has a new trailer! I’m vaguely excited about it, because it’s the first time I’ve ever been caught on tape playing guitar. And, it was an accident. And, as an act of self-flagellation, I posted it.  Because, I need to get over myself.

Speaking of me, I review a lot stuff on here, because I explore many different facets of the lovingly putrescent diamond that is pop-culture. I’m sure you’ve noticed some themes in the things I write about, but I try to keep my mind as open as possible. “Try”, not always successfully, I’ll admit, but the first step is always admitting you have a problem. So, it’s time to admit that I love comedy.

I’ve been watching it since I was a small child, almost as long as I’ve been immersed in the world of horror, actually. Maybe I was dealing with intense psychological trauma, or maybe I only had a few television channels. I’ll let you decide. But, I thought I might use some of these shorter posts to briefly review some comedians. One per post. And today, we’re talking about Marc Maron.

I’ve been listening to a lot of WTF with Marc Maron lately. He’s an older, experienced comic that was a pioneer of podcasting. Still is, if we’re being honest. I’ve learned a lot from the show. I mean, I’ve learned a lot of interesting things, but the things are not the only things that are relevant. (Stay with me, here.)

Marc and I disagree on a lot of “things”, but his method of self-inquiry is infectious. It’s brash and unassuming, humble, passionate and silly. Even if someone thought the whole thing was an act, the act itself is bold. And, I’ve enjoyed every second of the process of deconstruction that the show makes me go through.

If I’m being honest, and if that string of accurate fan-boy adjectives didn’t already suggest it, I’ll consume most media that Marc Maron puts out. Comedians, generally, have a touch of the auteur about them, but Marc’s an auteur of self-reflection, so, I’m always surprised by the way he spins things, because the loom he’s working from is so intricately refined. Coupled with his honest acts of self-reflection, he lets me see the world through his eyes without asking me to buy into it. And, that’s refreshing.

But, he’s not for everyone. Like most auteurs, it’s easier to digest their ideas if they resonate with you on some level. I enjoy his act, because comedy has been a part of my life for so long, and he spends his time deconstructing it in a novel and interesting way. For me, that’s awesome.

So, I recommend checking him out through either his podcast or his stand-up (I haven’t watched his television show, yet, so I can’t comment on that). If you enjoy his comedy “drive-shaft”, then I’d also suggest Dylan Moran and Louis C.K. because they’re also consummate comedic story-tellers. I know these are big-name guys, but if you’re a comedy neophyte, then they’re great places to start. Cheers!

Here’s a one-off while i put together something more appropriate.

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How to do the internet comedies Lesson 1:

1. Mis-spell a words or use a bad grammers. Perple lurve ert.

2. Make analogies that perfectly describe your feelings but don’t seem to make much sense. Use one word to describe the emotion of the phrase and another to describe the context. ie. “As often as a sad old man lights himself on fire with sparkle dragons.”

3. Be specifics. Specificses are herlhairious. It’s not “down the road” It’s “down the road, past the wing shop, through an old lady’s garbage disposal, through the doorway guarded by two clowns, one of which eats only hay and the other of which likes but rice, over the hill, through the woods, and over a gurmba.”

4. Make a video game reference. Garmes are surrr currrrl

5. Employ swear words.

6. Use a mehmeh. Mehmehs are distilled cermedy.

7. When in doubt, steal a joke you read on Facebook one time and hope it wasn’t actually just shared by 2600 other purple.

8. Replace words with similar sounding words.

9. Making fucking lists.

10. TL;DR lolreddit.

11. Invoke 4chan or Reddit and say they thought it was funny. You’re hilarious. Who the hell are they not to laugh?

12. Shut up and pancakes.

13. Be random, but only in the sense that you’re saying things other people have said that appeared nonsensical at the time.

14. Be self-aware.

15. Poke fun at the biggest, squishiest target.

Now, you’re well on your way to making a funny on the interlines.