The Gift Box

Okay, here’s the deal. I love buying Humble Bundles, but I own a lot of games already. I don’t want the excess games to go to waste! But, if I just post them to Twitter, as I did recently, bots scoop them up. That’s no good. It’s not hard to outsmart a bot, though. So, on this page, I’m going to ask you some Trivial question about the game. The correct link will be under the correct answer. Click the link and grab the game. Let me know what you nabbed!

When new games are available, I’ll Tweet a link to this page under the hashtag “GiftBox”. But, be quick, because you’re not the only person playing. And, please, only grab one. Enjoy the free games! 😀


Aesthetically, which third-person survival-horror game does Lone Survivor most resemble?

A. Silent Hill

B. Clock Tower 3

C. Resident Evil 4


Cthulhu Saves the World, but he never would have existed without the works of which author?

A. Stephen King

B. Jack Ketchum

C. Howard Phillips Lovecraft


What is Puzzle Bots tagged as on its Steam page?

A. Puzzle Platformer

B. Action Puzzler

C. Action


What is Reus’ current metacritic review score?

A. 75

B. 50

C. 90


Which game-design auteur released Cave Story in his free time?

A. Peter Molyneux

B. Daisuke Amaya

C. Tim Schafer


Thomas Was Alone; Thomas is a:

A. Rectangle

B. Racist

C. Square


System Shock 2 was the spiritual ancestor of which 2007 smash-hit?

A. BioShock

B. AfterShock

C. Static Shock


Complete the title to win the game! “I Have No Mouth And I Must _____”

A. Vomit

B. Scream

C. Sneeze


Here’s a tough one! The developer of Fez, Phil Fish, announced that he was ceasing game development through which social media platform?

A. Facebook

B. Tumblr

C. Twitter


Dust: An Elysian Tale was originally released on which platform?

A. Steam

B. XBox Live Arcade

C. PlayStation Network


What kind of game is Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine?

A. RPG Platformer

B. Third-Person Rail-Shooter

C. Top-Down Stealth-Action


People have trouble playing Antichamber, because the logic of its physical space relies on Non-Euclidean geometry. Despite that, it was built using:

A. Unreal Engine 3

B. The Unity Engine

C. The IW Engine


Race The Sun was funded through which crowd-funding website?

A. Crackstarter

B. Kickstarter

C. Indiegogo


To The Moon was the first commercial production of which indie development company?

A. Freebird Games

B. Freedom Eagle Entertainment

C. Encore Entertainment


Ballpoint Universe – Infinite features entirely pen-based art-work. Genre-wise, what is it?

A. Touch-Pad Puzzler

B. Shoot-‘Em-Up

C. A Karaoke Mini-Game


Here’s some fan-service: At this moment, which of these games would I recommend more?

A. Halo 4

B. Outlast

C. SpecOps: The Line


“The Bureau” sprung from which successful, franchise-reviving game?

A. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

B. X-Files: The Truth Is Now

C. X-Factor: Enemy Within


How many Nights At Freddy’s do you need to survive?

A. Ooh, a job!

B. Five

C. This seems way too sketchy. I’m getting a job at Coffee Shack

5 Responses to “The Gift Box”

  1. Fine, this will be fun, I hope games will come soon!

  2. […] and appreciated! There’s no use in me having two copies of one game, so, please, visit this page and see if you find anything you like. The donations page was re-purposed. If you like what […]

  3. Such a great idea! I nabbed Limbo. (Thanks 🙂 )

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