Trivial Streaming

We’re reducing our pre-recorded videos to one or two games a week on YouTube, but we’ll be streaming Live on Twitch on Thursday evenings. I’ll be streaming solo most nights of the week, though. Here are the game stats so far…


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Randomized Alignment:

The reason we rerolled our alignment – The resulting alignment: The result of that alignment change

Character Generation – Lawful Neutral: We chose an Imperial
First Level – Neutral Good: A point in One-handed
Second Level – Lawful Evil: A point in Two-handed
Third Level – Neutral Good: A point in Restoration
Fourth Level – Chaotic Neutral: A point in Alchemy
Fifth Level – Lawful Neutral: A point in Speechcraft
Sixth Level – Neutral Good: A point in Heavy Armor
Seventh Level – Chaotic Neutral: A point in Destruction and a mandatory Troll duel.
Eighth Level – Neutral Neutral: A point in Block
Ninth Level – Lawful Evil – A point in One-handed


The Last Federation

Universe 1: Devoured by spider-people (The Thoraxians)

Universe 2: Locked in eternal conflict (We’re going back for them)
Update: The Boarine, The Thoraxians, The Andor and the Burlust were wiped out, but we gave the Peltians back their world. The Federation stands… but at what cost?

Universe 3: A Trade Federation was parleyed into a lasting peace.

Universe 4: A Solar Axis pact between the Acutians and Skylaxians rose to prominence. Despite unlocking the secrets of Time Travel, The Federation was razed by the Skylaxian Fleet.

Universe 5: An easy peace rests between the seven remaining races of The Federation. The Burlust survive as smugglers in the outer ring.

Universe 6: Attempts to placate the Thoraxians resulted in the destruction of both the Boarine and the Peltians. Shortly after their loss, a federation was formed to protect the remaining races. The Burlust became a race of smugglers and an unfortunate casualty in the resulting conflict. The Federation tore time itself asunder to protect the Universe from Thoraxian aggression.


Dragon Age: Origins

We’re assaulting the undead that haunt Redcliffe Castle…


Minecraft: FTB

The Great Dirt Wall has been constructed, the Tower is rising, the forge is lit, and we’re digging into IC2

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